Who Can Go?

If you want to go, you can go!!!

Basically anybody can go on a mission trip with 3CM. Putting a group together from your city is recommended, but if an individual is interested in going we can put them in with a group that is already established. We normally require youth under the age of fourteen to have a parent or a guardian accompany them.

3CM is a Christian based organization, but this does not limit participation to only those with the same faith or belief.

We do have a registration form which includes medical information and life style habits that each applicant must complete. While we want everyone to enjoy a mission trip with 3CM, we do reserve the right to deny acceptance to anyone that we feel would be a detriment to the group situation.

Who has gone?

We have had a lot of different people come with 3CM, and everyone has raved about their experience. Teachers, students, developers, newspaper editors, contractors, geologists, policemen, youth workers and their youth groups, farmers, bank managers, and lots of families. Since going with 3CM, many have come home with a new out look on life and ecstatic about what they have accomplished by helping other people.

Who can't go?

An individual that has serious medical ailments or problems.
Anyone who is made to come that does not wish to be there.
Anyone who has been convicted for a serious crime or act.

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Last Updated: Thursday, January 26, 2006 3:19 PM