Upcoming Trips

Construction & General

We have no general groups scheduled at the moment for trips to Santa Rosa. There will likely be a small group coming to Santa Rosa de Copan in November for the specific purpose of reviewing a water project that we will launch in September as well as launching the Project Hope training center project.

A typical construction trip is something like this:

The group would be based in Santa Rosa de Copan, Honduras, with their principal task being to install a false ceiling and paint some rooms in the youth center. This is worth more than you realize since we can't hear anything when it rains on our tin roof and we freeze in the winter. The group will also escape to the hills for at least one day to do some work in one of the rural villages that dot our mountains. What other tasks will be involved? There's always a children's party to coordinate, a sports tournament for either soccer, basketball or volleyball would be in order. Want to try teaching a basic children's song in English during English class, or maybe playing some music?

The group normally stays in a nice hotel in Santa Rosa during the project, and at the completion, we take our groups to visit Tela on the Carribbean coast for a day of "recovery" and to witness some of the beauty that Honduras contains. It is critical to us that people return home with good things to say about Honduras for the sake of the struggling Honduras tourism industry.

Date: April 9-16, 2008; June 14-28, 2008; October 11-18, 2008
Cost: Cdn$2,530.00 covers from the time you leave the Calgary or Vancouver airport until the time you return.
(Huge snacks and insurance not included)
Project Cost: Cost of materials needs to be raised for the projects involved.
For more info, contact Roger A. Boyer II or INFO .


Our next medical group of volunteers is scheduled to venture south to Santa Rosa in February or March of 2006 for about 10 days. This group is currently being put together and will focus on 3 areas: 1) Water source investigation, 2)continued clinical and instructional work at the government clinic at San Juan de Opoa and surrounding area and 3)Seminars at our youth center in Santa Rosa.

The clinical work is done in a variety of conditions: actual clinics, schoolrooms, churches, etc. The instructional work involves teaching medical personal in Honduras as well as putting on seminars in schools and clinics for young mothers and or children. In San Juan de Opoa this group continues to support the water projects that are critical to the health of that community in terms of chlorination of urban water and drilling new wells.

Date: TBA
Cost: Cdn$2,400 covers from the time you leave the Calgary or Vancouver airport until the time you return.
(Insurance not included)
Project Cost: normally around $3,000 needs to be raised for the materials involved in the projects plus all the donated medicine you can bring
For more info, contact Dr. Brian Brodie (brodieb@uniserve.com) or Joyce Ball (balldo@telusplanet.net).