The founders of 3CM initially got involved in Mexico prior to the actual organization of the mission and it was their experience working with their families in Tijuana that led to the creation of the mission.

In the Tijuana Christian Mission (TCM) love and sacrifice will change you forever as you witness the simple things in life being lived out as Martha Lopez and her family look after 65 neglected homeless children. Our goal is to get along side them and help anyway we can. Using unskilled construction labor (including youth groups, a newspaper editor, the mayor of a city and other fantastic volunteers), we have constructed buildings in the orphanage to help accommodate more children and to improve the conditions of basic facilities such as kitchen and bathrooms.

Generally teams that participate with 3CM in Mexico spend part of their time in the poor areas of Tijuana where we build small houses for families that couldn't dream of living in such luxury, basic as it may seem. The key ceremony at the end of the week, complete with hotdogs and cookies and lots of dirty little faces, is an experience that we cannot replicate in Canada.

The heartening evidence of our project in Mexico is that past participants have continued to get involved directly with TCM to further develop their projects there and have made significant impacts on the lives of many Mexican children even without our direct involvement. We are striving to serve the kingdom of God, not the kingdom of 3CM!

The best time to go to "The City of Refuge" orphanage in Tijuana, Mexico is during the normal school year as many of the children are gone during the summer months to relatives and friends. Why does that matter? Well, what you learn will be from those children rather than from any member of 3CM.

Check out TCM's web site and see for yourself the impact they are having on life in Tijuana.