3CM initially ventured into Honduras in the aftermath of Hurricane Mitch, seeking a way to get average Canadians involved in the reconstruction of this beautiful, but devastated country.

In Honduras we started out building houses somewhat similar to those in Tijuana, but this time out of concrete, and were committed to assisting a local church in San Pedor Sula (SPS) to build many more houses. The focus however, was a youth center in the beatiful city of Santa Rosa de Copán (SRC), located in the mountains close to Guatemala and El Salvador. At this center we continue to have a direct personal involvement through one of our previous board members who now directs the center and coordinates classes in English, sewing, cooking, dance, theater, art and of course -- the ever present football program.

Honduras is not to be confused with Mexico. Certainly the people speak the same language, basically, and look like Latin American people, but there the comparisons tend to end. In contrast to the environment that cultivates small entrepreneurs in Mexico, the people of Honduras tend to display a different psyche, demonstrating less hope and passion (a broad generalization that contains many exceptions). However, people still have need here and children tend to show the universal traits of excitement and a desire to experience new things in life if they are only given the opportunity.

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